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Guillermo Mendoza

Impact Coaching Solutions
Executive Coach and Trainer
Houston, Texas

Guillermo accelerates leadership around the globe, turning managers into leaders. Leadership expert, global speaker, author, entrepreneur, and executive coach. He is passionate about sharing the tools and experiences that he has in neuroscience, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and coaching to help executive leaders and their teams by creating consciousness, developing leadership, and getting results.
Guillermo is dedicated to empowering leaders to do what it takes to grow a successful organization by developing talent in people. His authentic style and insight engage people to reflect on their leadership and to make the necessary changes to create transformations in their organizations and lives.
He helped Microsoft start in sales and expand operations by opening subsidiaries in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama before being named General Manager for the Caribbean and Central America region.
Guillermo has taken this one and many lifetime experiences and combined it with neuroscience and emotional intelligence concepts to craft stories, strategies, and life lessons that will engage, inspire, inform, and influence your success. He is the first USA trainer for the ICC International Coaching Community based in London certifying professional coaches and he is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.