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Stefan Schafer

Described by his people as an inclusive and innovative servant leader, Stefan Schaffer serves as the President & CEO of BARTEC US, headquartered in Houston, Texas and Senior Vice President for the Americas of BARTEC Group, with its global corporate office in Bad Mergentheim, Germany. He leads the global digital marketing and sales initiative launching bartecshop.com and bartecacademy.com, the e- commerce and digital learning arms of BARTEC globally.

Stefan combines his more than 15 years of experience as a business leader with a rigorous academic background in Business Administration and Organizational Behavior. He received his business diplomas from the Berlin Institute of Technology, specializing in “Organization & Corporate Management” and “Innovation & Technology Management.” He also pursued post-graduate doctoral studies at the Jacobs Center on Lifelong Learning and Institutional Development (JCLL) - an interdisciplinary research, teaching, and consulting center focused on productive adult development on the individual and organizational level.

As the President & CEO of the Americas region of one of the most trusted global EX solutions providers, Stefan balances profit with people, processes, and products with a customer centric perspective. He believes that talent development is critical to build a robust organizational culture and effectively execute business strategy. He is an advocate of diversity, innovation, and lifelong learning.
Stefan is a world traveler and an avid runner and biker.